A Hill to Die On

Owen Benjamin was recently in Canada and extracted this spectacular interview (explicit language) with ‘Angelo’. The primary focus of the interview highlights how far Canada has drifted from a Christian free speech standard, and the effects of such drift. Specifically, reference the now infamous Canadian bill C 16, amending the Canadian Human Rights Act and providing for the criminal punishment of people who ‘miss-gender’ somebody. The practical effect of C 16 is to compel speech. The implications, however, are much darker.

At the 4:42 mark of Mr. Benjamin’s video, Angelo is asked if he has any advice for Americans, in light of the potential for incarceration when a comedian might say the ‘wrong’ thing on stage, and the increasing censorship witnessed in the United States.

Angelo urges Americans to ‘find a hill to die on’.

I thought the recommendation was spectacular. Especially when I consider the societal trajectory I mentioned in my last post, and the stream of recently circulating stories about nearly incomprehensible moral depravity: New York infanticide laws, media purposefully exposing where their political enemies go to school, and praising the sexual exploitation and emotional abuse of children. A great post addressing the New York law can be found here. I highly recommend reading it.

My Hill

Personally, my hill is Jesus Christ. He is my Lord, and I submit to His commands in all things to the best of my ability. Before the crucifixion, His command was repent, and believe. (Mark 1:14-15) After the crucifixion, His command was to take the Gospel to the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe all things He commanded. (Matthew 28:18-20)

The above passage in Matthew, the Great Commission, is a fundamental, crucial component to the life of a Christian. As with Jesus’ first command, so too should Christians fulfill the Great Commission…calling the nations to repent and believe. Of course it doesn’t stop there: we must baptize and teach. Recognize, though, that baptism and teaching is done in response to repentance and belief.


American Christian’s, and I count myself among them, have a spectacular opportunity to carry forward Jesus’ command in Matthew 28. As I referenced above, just take a look at the headlines, or open your eyes during your commute, and you will see the desperate need for repentance and belief.

In America, the window of opportunity is quickly closing for easy and faithful obedience to Jesus’ commands. So then, I have my hill to die on. Preventing me from proclaiming the truth of the Gospel, of calling heathens to repentance and belief, baptizing, and teaching all that He has taught me, is the surest way to conflict. I will happily die as a consequence of adhering to the command’s of Jesus.

What is your hill? What are you willing to die for? I simply ask you to think about it. Perhaps you might find a renewed sense of purpose to combat the evil being worshiped in ever public spaces.

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