Children: Pawns or People?

Children are individual people, not pawns to be used for a particular cultural economic or social objective. They are not cogs in a machine, or numbers to maintain a school district’s budget goals. Children are persons: customized, attentive, passionate, believing, joyful, one-of-a-kind image bearers of God. One cannot squeeze them through a particularly sized educational paradigm and expect positive, long-lasting results.

Education from within the family home is the best model to honor the dignity of children while fulfilling Solomon’s recommendation to train them up in the Lord’s ways. It allows us to live with, educate, disciple, and guide our children toward the goal of a life devoted to Christ in all things. The glory of God and having Christ’s joy in us is mankind’s purpose, and the purpose for which we tutor our children in mathematics, reading, writing, civics, geography, history, music, art, and faith.

No matter the circumstances your family finds itself in, what overriding goal best exemplifies the education your child is striving toward? Is the goal worthy, is the cost acceptable, are you receiving what you’ve paid for?

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