Fatherly Observations

My son has arrived.

Three Days Old
Three Days Old

If you haven’t seen him, you should.  He’s pretty much the cutest most awesome bundle of poop making human-ness that exists.  The ‘cutest’ and ‘most awesome’ parts come from my family and friends, the poop from personal experience. Ok, maybe the ‘most awesome’ part is me too.  Anyway, I would like to give some initial impressions (in no particular order) on the arrival of Levi into our home.

First, he has caused me to nearly lose my mind with worry and fear.  Well, not technically him, but \hiss presence.  I thought I knew what it was to worry. Ha!  Perhaps Batman would be able to figure out how common household items like a door or rocking chair could turn into deadly objects of pain and death as efficiently as a new father can when these items are around his baby…but I doubt it.

Second, I have fallen in love more quickly than I ever thought possible.

Third, adding an extra ‘Y’ to the end of common words like ‘blanket’, ‘foot’ or ‘poop’ comes naturally to everybody, no matter the level of manliness or the situation they may find themselves in, when around a baby (especially aforementioned ‘cutest’, ‘most awesome’ baby).

Fourth, this family has the most amazing, thoughtful, loving and caring group of friends and family one might ever ask, wish or pray for.  In addition to this outstanding group of individuals being in our lives, I will be able to archive the digital congratulations he has received, and show them to him when the time is right.  Perhaps as a nice lesson on how people are praying for you when you don’t even know it.

Fifth, my wife is a rockstar, far beyond every imagining of the word.

Thank you Lord for the blessing that is our son.

More observations to come…

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