Gambling with Public School Outcomes

Academic performance in American public schools remains abysmal. The latest 2017 NCES report shows a third of graduating seniors scoring ‘below basic’ reading levels. A full 38% of graduating seniors scored ‘below basic’ mathematics levels.

In addition to these problems, an incredible amount of students simply fall off the educational radar. Sixteen percent of high school students don’t graduate, 33% don’t enroll in college within 4 years, and 40% of those who do enroll in college, haven’t graduated 6 years later.

According to the above statistics, of 1,000 high school students: 160 drop out, 277 don’t pursue education past a high school diploma, and 262 graduate college within six years and acquire employment. The rest attempt college but either don’t graduate within six years, or have graduated but are not employed.

Put simply, the culturally mandated first ingredients of the recipe for success in life (complete high school, graduate from college, land a job), has a success rate of 26% for the products of American public education.

As stewards of the future, Americans must ask themselves whether public school is the best avenue to an education, or if there might be another way.

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