Our reading in Jeremiah was calling me and I finally gave in and studied/read it last night. Mom: you hit the nail on the head. A discussion I had with a friend helped clarify a part of this passage in my heart.
When we reach that point of heartbreak, that point in our lives when there seems to be no further way to fall from His sight…Satan tries to hammer us some more. The deceiver knows we a single step away from turning our eyes upon Jesus, and Satan just can’t stand that. We are so tempted in those dark hours to still be egocentric, to only focus on our own pain and heartache…that is the deception. For it is in those times, more than anything, that we should let gjeremiaho of our misery, surrender to His ultimate love and grace, and truly turn our eyes upon Him.
I have recently been struggling with those very emotions and troubles in my life. I let myself turn away from God and fell into the temptation of thinking I could put God ‘in reserve’ in my life, and in the mean time do it all myself. Through the outpouring of love, not only from Jesus, but from the Spirit acting through my closest friends and family, I was able turn that corner of misery and pain when I felt at my lowest, and come back around to a closeness with Christ that I have not felt in…a long time.
My point: do not give into that temptation and wallow in our own misery, for in so doing we miss His purpose in bringing us low…bringing us low in order for us to truly see how much we need Him in our hearts and our lives. Surrender to His will, confess yourself in His eyes, and He will reach down to pick us up where we would have stayed to die apart from Him.
Thank you to all for your help, guidance, and love…He was truly acting through your hearts and words, and I cannot help but give thanks and praise for that and for Him. My prayer has and will continue to be that God continues this work in my life, in the lives of those around me, so that when we reach back into our selfish nature in the future, He can guide us back…through each other and through our own hearts. Amen!

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