New York Infanticide

By infanticide, I mean the destruction of human life in the womb. Sadly, this is commonly known as abortion; as if somehow an abomination can be made morally palatable by using the clinical description rather than the action itself: ending the life of a child.

The ‘debate’ surrounding abortion is a joke. I appreciate the need to address arguments put forth by anti-lifer’s. It is important to speak truth in the face of lies. The problem, however, is our willingness to engage in a fallacious debate rather than demanding the debaters agree to the terms.

Ben Shapiro spent his time in Washington D.C. at the March for Life swatting down anti-life straw men, but only addressing the root issue in the final moments of his show. The root issue, is the sanctity of life.

As a personal aside, that Shapiro monetized his show during this event was disgusting.

If one isn’t willing to uphold the fact that life is inherently holy (all life, not just human, but especially human), then all bets are off. If you don’t believe life is sacred, arguments of ‘women’s health’ make perfect sense to you because when life isn’t sacred, only your opinion is. If you don’t believe life is sacred, arguments of when life begins are irrelevant because you are already alive. If you don’t believe life is sacred, the mechanism by which life is brought into this world no longer needs guarded by institution, only consent.

Anti-lifer’s align more closely with the Garden’s death-bringer, claiming to be on the side of a woman while knowing all the while that the road these choices lead down is black, empty, and horrifying.

There is no such thing as a ‘Ten Reasons Why Abortion is Wrong’ argument, because in the end, there is only one.

Those that deny the sanctity of life, deny the giver of life, and spit in His face when He declared that all He created was ‘good,’ (Gen. 1:25) and that mankind in particular was ‘very good.’ (Gen. 1:31)

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