The Grill of a Father

Early Birthday Presents, and so much more…

There I was, frantically running around the house, getting ready for a showing (yes, we’re trying to get the place sold and
move on to greener pastures) when I get a text from The Man.20131128_174317006_iOS “Do you have time to go to Lowes and pickup something?” Um…yeah, who doesn’t want an excuse to visit Lowes? It’s the adult toy store, and my boy gets to ride on tractors! On top of all of that, they have built in supplies of paddles in the event the boy gets a bit overzealous in his pursuit of tractor sitting! Win, win, and win!

Soon thereafter, waiting at the pickup counter, I’m presented with a fully assembled grill. Now, when I say grill, I really mean a Char Broil 590 (can you hear the Tim Allen ‘oggh’ grunts?!).

charbroil590-1Whoa and wow! An early birthday present, The Man said. Thank you!

As I write this, the grill is sitting in the backyard, awaiting its inaugural trip to the land of meat sizzling awesomeness, tempting my taste buds and senses in anticipation of the feast, but my heart still dwells on the gift.

My father, unprompted and without a single iota of effort on my part, lavishes a gift upon me. When I take a quick stroll back through the halls of memory, I’m pretty sure it is I who should be giving an20140531_151625733_iOSd sacrificing as thanks to the man responsible for my care and well-being for the majority of my life. But no, he continues to reach through the distance between us and blessing me.

I am hard pressed to think of a better illustration of our Heavenly Father. Not in a silly fake pastor kind of ‘love Him and you will be blessed with riches’ kind of way, but in a sacrificial and unexpected, undeserved blessing of the kind we would never be capable of repaying.

Thank you for being an example to your children of what our Father does for His children. Thank you for your love, your kindness, your wisdom, your teaching, your 20140601_174818215_iOSguidance, your patience, your blessing, your discipline. God has definitely transformed your mind and continues to call you unto Him. Your continued selflessness and sacrifice for your family and those around you is an obvious demonstration of His work in your life. Keep shining bright, keep salting those around you, and keep trusting in your True Father for the example you continue to live out on this earth.

May God bless you, Dad…Abba.


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